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with FM (Functional Mobility) Yoga


"You can do Yoga . . . no matter the season of your life!"

Annabelle Juneau, Canadian Yoga Alliance-registered Yoga Teacher

About SOL Yoga

SOL Seasons of Life Yoga offers a unique, serene space for rejuvenation, mentally and physically; while honouring the light, goodness and energy in each person.

Classes are designed to playfully uplift and encourage; helping people to cope with stressful living.

SOL Yoga was founded by Annabelle Juneau in 2013. Learn more about Annabelle and our other instructors in our Teachers section.

Is Yoga for me?

girl and mother in yoga pose.

The short answer is yes!

If you have the approval of your doctor to exercise, then SOL Yoga will help you. We firmly believe that yoga can be done by everyone, and can help everyone, no matter your age, size, shape or experience!

This isn’t “pretzel yoga.” It isn’t a competition. Our certified instructors work with you to help you be the best “you” you can be.

If you have questions or concerns about joining a yoga class, get in touch with us to take a tour of the studio, watch a class, and find out what we do at SOL Yoga.