with FM (Functional Mobility) Yoga

Creating lasting improvements with precise alignment and proper breathing

If you are experiencing significant muscle tension, it is likely due to
inhibited or dormant muscles from improper form or an injury*,
overactive muscles, or your muscles are compensating.

Reduce muscle tension & increase reaction time

A muscle will experience a reduction in strength and power when one muscle becomes inhibited or dormant and, therefore, dysfunctional. When this happens, there is a build up of physical and emotional stress and tension for the athlete.

Designed specifically for athletes. Proven to:


  • Re-activate dormant/inhibited muscles
  • Eliminate the need for some muscles to compensate for the inhibited muscles
  • Improve muscular strength and power
  • Think more clearly
  • React more quickly
  • Feel better overall
  • Improve sleep patterns

The breathing I learned in FM Yoga class noticeably improved my recovery time in the crease.

Kyle Porter, ACES goalie

Yoga poses create a lasting improvement when practiced regularly by:

  • Changing an athlete’s pattern of movement
  • Activating muscles that have been inhibited/dormant
  •  Stopping the need for other muscles to compensate

Learn to harness the power of your parasympathetic nervous system which can provide:

  • Clearer thinking
  • Improved reaction time
  • Healthier muscles
  • Helping to stay, when appropriate, in our parasympathetic nervous system (eliminating chronic stress)

**Check with your doctor to determine if the tension is due to injury. Once you have your doctor’s permission, then and only then, should you do yoga.