During this 1 1/2 hr.  class you will come to realize as you live with MS the following symptoms may be lessened with yoga:

– Depression

– Anxiety

– Fatigue

– Muscle spasms

– Loss of balance

– Constipation

– Lack of mental clarity

– Digestion

– Balance

Fatigue and heat intolerance appear to be the most limiting factors to those with MS.

To counter these limitations, students learn to breathe and are taught restorative poses.  Both techniques cool the body and calm the nervous system.  A simple breathing technique helps quiet the nervous system. It has been observed that heat, stress and tension can cause temporary worsening of MS symptoms.

Numbness of the arms and legs, muscle spasms and loss of co-ordination can be a daily battle.

Yoga emphasizes stretching and breathing.  They can release tension and improve circulation and body awareness.  Yoga can facilitate harmony between the muscular and nervous systems of the body, potentially, resulting in more fluid movement and relief from muscle tension.

Flexibility and balance are often affected during periods of relapse.

The progression of body awareness, connecting the breath with the movement of muscles brings more balance; while the poses increase the range of motion in the joints and improve muscle tone.

Your yoga practice can be tailored to meet your needs in times or remission or relapse.  Private classes at a rate of $60/hour at the studio.