SOL ‘s Early Morning Yoga

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Due to popular demand…
the following 3 options are now available for this 10 week program!

Start: April 24th
End: June 24th


Tuesday & Thursday
6:00 – 6:30am Early Bird Class 馃悿
with the Saturday class
8:30 – 9:15am

$150 梅 30 classes = $5/class

6:30 – 7:15am Sunrise Class 鈽
with the Saturday class
8:30 – 9:15am

$150 梅 30 classes = $5/class


Saturday class, only
Weekend Warrior class
8:30 – 9:15am, only

$75 梅 10 weeks = $7.50/class

Most of last year’s participants are returning, for many different reasons!

What is your reason?

馃槉 馃挅


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is pleased to partner with

…bringing the Mat to the Mount!

training teaching the rhythmic stillness that a rider may achieve with:

* Improved core strength
* Increased awareness
* Improved focus
* Ability to relax
* Greater flexibility
* Better balance
* Effectively deal with fear

You will develop a deeper connection between body, breath, mind and horse.

You will become more aware of:
– body
– emotions
– thoughts

You will develop the desired rhythmic stillness as you move to becoming one with your horse.

Mondays 5-6pm (1 class/wk)

April 24th – June 5th
(no class May 22nd)

Cost: $150

If you need a horse for the program, contact Teri Imrie at Valley Run Horse Centre.

Valley Run Horse Centre
on Valley Road

Annabelle Juneau, CYA-RYT/RYB

Pre-registration is required by April 17.

To register contact
Teri Imrie at 506-467-1016
or FB private message


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Happy 2017!

You start each day with a cup of energy.

All day long YOU CHOOSE how much energy you will expend in…

everything you do

everything you say

every thought you have!

Will you waste your energy being




You have always had the power…


Guard your energy…

be grateful

be kind

be happy!


Join our classes and change your world!

Learn to manage stress

Eliminate joint pain

Sleep better

Improve concentration

More Flexibility

Lower blood pressure

Improve energy

Improve self-esteem

Improve clarity of thought

Stay in the moment, be mindful

Quite simply you will be Happier

and mentally and physically Healthier!

Find the class that is right for you


FB: SOL Seasons of Life Wellness & Yoga

Twitter: _ SOLYoga






WELLNESS TRAINING NOV. 4th & 5th, 2016

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The next scheduled dates:

Nov. 4th, 2016
Wellness for the Business Athlete (Owner/Director/Manager)

Nov. 5th, 2016
Wellness for the Individual

TIME: 10am – 3pm
COST: $200 + lunch

LUNCH: You can look at the menu of Something’s Brewing (the menu will be sent to you a couple of days before the training) and select your lunch which will be added to the cost of the event. They deliver the meal to the studio. Lunchtime (1/2 hour) provides, not only a break, but also an opportunity to network!

Stress is the number #1 killer! Learning tools to manage stress and stay energized changes peoples lives at work, and also, in the home. Of course, most important for businesses – it impacts the bottom line!

When I created this program in 2014, I recognized the need for it based on my own work experiences. Much to my surprise and pleasure the impact has surpassed my wildest expectations!

It is my hope to help improve the emotional, mental and physical quality of peoples’ lives helping them to be
Happier, Healthier and more Productive.


Annabelle Juneau
SOL Seasons of Life Wellness & Yoga
125 Milltown Blvd.
St. Stephen


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…bringing the MAT to the MOUNT!

SOL Seasons of Life WELLNESS & YOGA



Offering SOL鈥檚 UNISON EQUESTRIAN聽training, to help you learn the rhythmic stillness聽that may be achieved when a rider has

路聽increased awareness
路聽improved focus
路聽ability to relax
路聽more flexibility
路聽better balance
路聽the ability to effectively deal with fear

You will develop a deeper connection between body, breath, mind and horse.

Yoga聽will allow you to become more aware of your
encouraging you to nurture your own intuition; thereby connecting with your body鈥檚 needs. 聽This will help you develop the desired rhythmic stillness as you move to becoming one with your horse.

INSTRUCTOR:聽 Annabelle Juneau, CYA-RYT/RYB

LOCATION: 聽Valley Horse Run Centre

DATE:聽 Sept 21 鈥 Nov. 9
(Wednesday, one class/wk)

TIME:聽 6 – 7pm
COST:聽 $150.

Must register by Sept. 14
Contact: Teri Imrie 467-1016

Would you like to provide feedback on SOL YOGA classes?

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SOL YOGA has been open since May 2013. If you have attended classes, this is an opportunity to provide feedback.

Yoga is my passion and I love teaching.

Your feedback is important to me because I want to know what your experience has been and possible ways it might be improved.

You have the option to remain anonymous, if you choose by not completing the the email address. Your email address is not required to complete the survey.


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The survey provides analysis of a two hour, WELLNESS PROGRAM tailored specifically for the client, and delivered in November 2015.

The following are the results based on 36 forms being returned, 11 individuals indicated they felt “one session would not allow a fair response to the feedback request and while they were very postive, believed in order to be effective the WELLNESS PROGRAM needs to be delivered more than once”.

The remaining聽 25 completed survey forms result in the following statistics:


88% Better able to manage stress
68% Clearer perception & decision making
60% Greater self confidence
60% Improved problem solving
80% Self control of emotions


100% Relaxation skills
56% Normalize blood pressure
80% Increased flexibility
(May eliminate muscle strains & injuries)
80% Improved posture an spinal health
(May eliminate back pain)
72%聽 Sleep well through the night improved

Benefitting the bottom line directly, employees additionally anticipated very positive results in the following:
72% Reduced sick time
80% Increased productivity
72% Better decision making
100% Happier & more positive attitude
60%聽 Company loyalty聽 (24% of those who did not respond, put a question mark or left blank, appearing to indicate they were not sure what “company loyalty” actually meant)

98% indicated they would be interested in additional training
100% indicated they would recommend to others.

It appears staff benefitted significantly from the investment in the WELLNESS PROGRAM and there seemsed to be a running theme suggesting the staff believe they would benefit from a WELLNESS PROGRAM, if it were available with some regularity.

Are you interested in arranging for a couple of hours of the Wellness Program per week or month for your staff?

There is the
WELL – DAY FRIDAY 10 am – 3pm
a 5 –聽 1 hour Lunch and Learn program which can be done at a location of your choice or the SOL STUDIO.

The Maintenance Program, in the form of reviewing the key components.

Call to discuss your needs and we will create a program WELLNESS PROGRAM to meet your budget!

506-466-1314 Annabelle Juneau







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SOL Yoga is now closed until the New Year, reopening on Jan. 5, 2016!

As I count my blessings, I realize there are no greater gifts than kindness, wonderful family and great friends… and so I feel very blessed!

The word for community/yoga family used commonly is

Since opening on May 6, 2013 our SOL SANGHA has grown beyond my expectations! Thank you all for your dedication to your yoga practice and your support!

Take time, slow down, breathe and enjoy as you prepare, all the while remembering the meaning of the season!

‘Tis the season
Of snow falling heavy in the air
When hearts are light
As they prepare…

‘Tis the season
Of decorated trees all trimmed with care
The shiny, bright packages
As they ready to share…

‘Tis the season
Of greeting old friends from near and afar
Via telephone calls & beautiful

‘Tis the season
That I would like you to know
SOL Yoga sends wishes
For health and good cheer
Not just today but for all of the years!

Annabelle ?


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Came across this wonderful article in the Autumn Canadian Yoga Alliance magazine…

Many adults live with ADHD, and so while this article focuses on children, it is important to remember it is the same for adults.

This article also supports the Tween Parent program I offer at the studio.

Yoga for Children Diagnosed with ADHD

“Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.”
(Kahlil Gibran, 1923)

The following article is written by Dr. Ashleigh Stewart


As scientific as the name may sound Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an alleged and somewhat mysterious 鈥榙isease鈥. Despite numerous studies dedicated to investigating its cause, no convincing evidence of any brain malfunction or other biological or genetic abnormality has been discovered.

Despite the fact that the source of ADHD is still vague, the symptoms that define ADHD are prevalent and prominent, so much so that approximately 6 million children in America alone have been diagnosed with an attention deficit disorder and prescribed with psycho-stimulant drugs, such as Methylphenidate, otherwise known by it鈥檚 brand name Ritalin, as the primary method of treatment.

My question is what is ADHD? Why are so many children being diagnosed with it these days, and what could be the real cause of it?

Also, how much do we really know about the effects of stimulant drugs on our children?

How will taking these drugs affect children鈥檚 lives physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and socially as they grow up?

Also, what are the implications in terms of the future of the human race and our world if we keep medicating our children with highly addictive drugs?

These questions are what led me to research yoga as an alternative, natural, holistic strategy for dealing with the symptoms associated with ADHD in children.

What is ADHD?
ADHD is known to manifest in early childhood as a behavioral disorder which is defined as a deficiency in age-appropriate attention, impulse control and the inability to follow rules and structured activities.

Associated behaviors include:
speaking or acting before one thinks
difficulty in following instructions
poor organizational skills
low self-esteem
poor social skills

Children with ADHD find it difficult to slow down, even when they want to; often they are so hurried that they seem clumsy and uncoordinated which can often lead to them hurting themselves or other children. As well, children with ADHD generally do not perform well in school, though most of them test at average or above average intelligence.

Possible Causes of ADHD

There are many factors contributing to this behavioral disorder, and the fact that so many children are being diagnosed with ADHD. For example:

TV violence
overstimulation from video games/TV
lack of physical exercise
poor nutrition
parental prenatal drug use
sensory overload
breakdown of the family structure

We live in a busy, stressful world that even our children cannot avoid. Classrooms are overcrowded with split age categories and teachers are expected to fulfill the educational needs of many diverse children, with different personalities and at different developmental stages.

Parents are struggling to be emotionally and mentally present as they are preoccupied with the pressure of heavy work related stresses, busy schedules and the financial pressure of having to pay bills, loans and mortgages. Life these days is a chaotic frenzy of stress and pressure and of course it is going to rub off onto our children.

How Can Yoga Help ADHD?

Yoga is simple to learn and easy to incorporate into any busy schedule. The techniques learned in yoga can be applied at anytime of the day, almost anywhere and do not require any special clothing, expensive equipment or tools. In fact, yoga can be so simple that even very young children can learn the techniques on their own and can be taught to practice them during times when they feel stressed, overwhelmed or insecure and need to feel calm and safe.

Yoga is an effective system for helping children and their families to deal with the behaviors associated with ADHD, on a physical level, through the practice of asana in a non-competitive way. This can help enhance a child鈥檚 sense of body awareness, self control, patience and respect for other people鈥檚 physical space. The fact that yoga is typically practiced on a mat introduces the concept of personal space, and teaches a child that there are boundaries between her physical space to move within, and that of other people around her.

On a deeper level, meditation practice can help bring you beyond the surface of the behavioral issues that children are experiencing to reveal what lies at the root of the challenges, to understand them and deal with them.

Meditation will also help the child to connect with his inner essence, his spirit and his soul. When he becomes more aware of whom he is on a deeper level, he will be more able to express this to his mother and father, and teacher.

Another exercise children respond particularly well to is guided visualization with imagery. It helps them relax and calm down as their inner creativity is invoked and stimulated through use of their imagination.

This yoga technique opens children鈥檚 minds as they are allowed to fun free in their own mental landscape. This type of mental freedom helps them to build confidence in their own creative abilities and, as a result, self-esteem and trust.

The spiritual aspect of yoga helps ground practitioners in their own silence and inner awareness, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to experience in our busy pace of life today.

Yoga also teaches us about personal responsibility and that all our actions/choices create the circumstances and experiences that we live in our life.

The practice of PARTNER YOGA, (like the SOL YOGA – TWEEN & PARENT YOGA class) between the parent and child, can help build trust and mutual respect for each other as individual people, as well as being part of the parent/child connection.

Yoga, in this sense, can help rebuild, strengthen and solidify relationships within families on many levels in unique, fun and interesting ways.


Yoga provides a complete system, above all others, which, if practiced both physically and spiritually, can provide the basis for a way of life that incorporates physical, emotional and spiritual understanding and well being in a natural, healthy and holistic way.

Children are never to young to begin learning about personal responsibility. It will help them to understand that their behavior influences what happens to them everyday.

Children feel empowered in knowing that they have a choice in terms of how they behave and interact with others and their environment. A sense of personal responsibility, along with a feeling of empowerment to choose, will no doubt lead to better behavior from a calmer and more confident child.

When parents/teachers are able to acknowledge, accept and relate to who their child really is, and what he is trying to express through actions and behaviors, then he will no longer be misunderstood and viewed as being dysfunctional.

This is very important for the child鈥檚 sense of self worth and future success, and our future depends on us raising a generation of healthy, confident, creative empowered children.

Om Namaste
Dr. Ashleigh Stewart, D. Msc.