FALL 2020 Yoga classes

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Having taken some time for myself this past year, and suddenly finding us in a new “pandemic” world (where we often wake up wondering when, what seems like a bad dream will end).

I am very happy to say we are getting ready to return to SOL YOGA!

More than ever we need to keep our immune system healthy, and can do so by…

Managing Stress,

♡ choosing to eat healthy foods,

♡ getting the 7 – 8 hours sleep our body needs to do the necessary repair work

♡ choosing happy thoughts

help support our immune system!

Managing stress can be done very easily with YOGA and when you choose to do so, you will find immediately YOU:

♡ Focus

♡ Get to sleep and get back to sleep during the night

♡ Manage anxiety

♡ Lower Blood Pressure

♡ Think more clearly

♡ React faster (great for athletes)

♡ Remember better

♡ Hormones return to balance (cotizal stops pumping through the heart)

Every year, there are regular students who return to attend classes and new students of every age and from every walk of life that come through the door with their mat and join our beautiful sangha “yoga community”!

Returning students have been telling me they are anxious because, despite great intentions, they did not keep up their Yoga practice!  They are prepared to do the work, but anxious about getting started!

New students, some never having taken a Yoga class before, are concerned “Will I be able to do any of the poses and will people be looking at me?”

The best answer, whether you are a returning student or a student attending a Yoga class for the 1st time, can be to take a Private Yoga class.

For me it is very satisfying to see the students leave with a clear understanding of the basic cues used in class.

For the students, taking the time to try different poses and know what, if any modifications they might need to do to  enjoy the different poses more comfortably, providing greater confidence eliminating any anxiety!

Member of the CYA-RYT

Canadian Yoga Alliance- Registeted Yoga Business

Here is the new FALL  schedule:

Classes Tuesday &/or Thursday
6 PM Beginner – Intro to Vinyasa Flow
7:30 PM Intermediate Vinyasa Flow
Limited to 8 spots/class

8 weeks – 1 class/week $125
(Regularly $160 – Save $35)

8 weeks – 2 classes/week $200
(Regularly $320 – Save $120)

Beginning Sept. 29
Last Class Nov. 19

♡ Private Classes available at times mutually convenient. $75/Hour





(Always wanted to try yoga, but nervous about being in a group setting, this is for you! Did you know the reason Yoga Is For Everyone is because everyone is different and, in my classes, I teach modifications to all my students, so they can enjoy the feeling of each pose, maximizing benefits. Learn about how you can take part in a group class and what types of modifications are appropriate for YOU!


♡ PRANAYAMA (Breathing to manage stress, lower blood pressure, heart rate, sleep better)

♡ FM YOGA (Functional Mobility) $100
90 minute class
NOTE: This class is a PREREQUISITE to entering the INTERMEDIATE CLASS….
if you have not been a student previously and learned or taken the FM YOGA class.

Every one is looking forward to getting  to class.

Are you looking for a Yoga class?