2019 Bring on the New Year!

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Welcoming in 2019 with a new Energy!
The energy to nourish, to take time for ourselves so that we may enjoy the journey we call “our life”.

The schedule for January, February and March is reduced for regular classes to Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday afternoons.

We will return to our regular schedule in April, that will include Monday classes as well as programs such as


You and Your Little,

Couple Yoga

Understanding Your Chakras

If you would like to have a private
FM (Functional Mobility) Assessment
and join our winter classes, let’s discuss the options available to you!

Would you like a private class for your business to help
》manage stress
》learn ergonomic sitting
》manage/eliminate back, hip, joint pain?

Solutions to all of the above are simple and extremely cost effective!

Contact me and we can discuss your needs and find a time suitable for you!

Remember, you can do yoga, no matter the Season Of Your Life!

Namaste 🙏💖