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The survey provides analysis of a two hour, WELLNESS PROGRAM tailored specifically for the client, and delivered in November 2015.

The following are the results based on 36 forms being returned, 11 individuals indicated they felt “one session would not allow a fair response to the feedback request and while they were very postive, believed in order to be effective the WELLNESS PROGRAM needs to be delivered more than once”.

The remaining  25 completed survey forms result in the following statistics:


88% Better able to manage stress
68% Clearer perception & decision making
60% Greater self confidence
60% Improved problem solving
80% Self control of emotions


100% Relaxation skills
56% Normalize blood pressure
80% Increased flexibility
(May eliminate muscle strains & injuries)
80% Improved posture an spinal health
(May eliminate back pain)
72%  Sleep well through the night improved

Benefitting the bottom line directly, employees additionally anticipated very positive results in the following:
72% Reduced sick time
80% Increased productivity
72% Better decision making
100% Happier & more positive attitude
60%  Company loyalty  (24% of those who did not respond, put a question mark or left blank, appearing to indicate they were not sure what “company loyalty” actually meant)

98% indicated they would be interested in additional training
100% indicated they would recommend to others.

It appears staff benefitted significantly from the investment in the WELLNESS PROGRAM and there seemsed to be a running theme suggesting the staff believe they would benefit from a WELLNESS PROGRAM, if it were available with some regularity.

Are you interested in arranging for a couple of hours of the Wellness Program per week or month for your staff?

There is the
WELL – DAY FRIDAY 10 am – 3pm
a 5 –  1 hour Lunch and Learn program which can be done at a location of your choice or the SOL STUDIO.

The Maintenance Program, in the form of reviewing the key components.

Call to discuss your needs and we will create a program WELLNESS PROGRAM to meet your budget!

506-466-1314 Annabelle Juneau