[envira-gallery id=”391″]As a runner, are you looking for ways to lessen your running time and improve your overall outcome; how you feel?

Muscles that profit from a yoga practice include hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, abdominals, IT band, glutes, lower back, and even feet.

Runners being prone to injury, always want to reduce the risks. Not only does yoga elongate your muscles, but it also aids in muscle recovery, helps prevent injuries and reduce stiffness.

Yoga brings balance to overworked muscles, providing the strength to run more efficiently.

Other benefits include, improving a runner’s gait through the balance and stability found in yoga practice. Balance and stability, also improve the runner’s posture, allowing for a smoother stride and improved gait.

Improving runners breathing with the diaphragmatic breathing learned in yoga, helps runners improve aerobic endurance, allowing them to runner farther.

Overall, it’s about doing what feels good and treating your body with love. Try different poses and flow. Experiment with running and yoga , and give your body time to adapt to this new practice. Yoga is all about being kind to yourself, so don’t worry if it takes a bit to settle into a new routine.

When you hit the wall and need to push through you can use the same mindfulness in yoga and create an intention or mantra when you are running. When the mind turns on and tells you you can’t run any longer, conquer your thoughts by repeating your mantra. Choose one that you like. It could be something like “I am doing everything easily today”, or, “I am strong”.

Yoga can keep you focused and on the move!