FB_IMG_1428155714467Certified as Prenatal Pranakriya Yoga Teacher at Kripalu, I am teaching Prenatal Yoga at my studio, SOL Seasons Of Life Yoga.

Benefits for the pregnant woman include:
* Improve energy level
* Enhance sleep
* Manage stress
* Increase balance
* Improve posture
* Relaxation techniques
* Aids relieving fluid retention
* Helps prevent gestational diabetes
* Boosts circulation
* Increases lubrication to joints,
tendons and ligaments
* Reduces stress and tension
* Improves flexibility

Benefits during Labour & Delivery:
* Strengthens muscles in preparation
for birth
* Better stamina during birth
* Decreases adrenaline and
increases endorphins during labour
* Creates inner calm
* Increases mother’s confidence

As a community, the women attending Prenatal Yoga share their experiences providing emotional support and suggesions to one another.

They meet again at the You and Your Little One classes, after baby is born and continue to be their supporting relationship sharing their experiences and helping each other, in the after class visit at the studio.

I received my Prenatal training with Jacci Gruninger. She has 15 years of experience teaching Prenatal Yoga to Yoga Teachers. Jacci provided expert material, myth busting some things which are heard. She provided amazing insights into the bonding as baby is growing in the home she has made in her belly.

There is so much a pregnant woman can do! So many poses to alleviate stress, back pain, shoulder pain, swelling, and so much more!

The goal is to help her and baby enjoy the whole experience, be prepared for delivery and have tools to help the labour and delivery be as smooth and comfortable as possible!